Professional Services

ICU is a full service agency specializing in surveillance techniques. Our services include, but are not limited to:

If you have a problem, ICU just might have the solution. If you have a specialized need that you don’t see listed, give us a call, and ICU will work with you to find an associate that can handle the task. Our goal is to help you get the facts.

All services are confidential. Video documentation is used whenever possible to ensure the integrity of the investigation.


    ICU specializes in physical surveillance. Our surveillance team is comprised of experienced surveillance agents. We employ numerous types of vehicles and equipment to adapt to the most extreme conditions for uncompromised results. All surveillances are conducted in an ethical and legal manner. We offer the highest level of professionalism and integrity available in the market today. Surveillances are documented with videotape and a detailed activity report. All vehicles are equipped with the latest cutting edge equipment, which enables adaptability to most any situation within minutes.

    ICU is the surveillance expert in the Midwest. Workman’s Compensation Fraud, Disability Fraud, Personal Injury Cases or Domestic Surveillance... We get results!

Workman's Compensation / Disability Fraud Investigations

    All of ICU’s surveillance agents are experienced investigators with extensive physical surveillance training. We use the latest, state of the art equipment and surveillance vehicles.

Background Checks

    Background checks should be conducted on prospective employees, contractors, business partners, tenants, companions and ex-spouses companions that will be around your children. ICU uses the most reliable and accurate sources available to acquire the information you need.

    Depending on your needs, ICU can assist you with obtaining background information in the following areas:

    The above are just a few common request for background checks. If you have any other request, don’t hesitate to contact us.

    If you are a business, consider this:


    RESULT: If you do nothing and hire an employee with a known criminal record and he commits a crime while making a service call or acting as an agent (sub-contractor) for your business you have just opened yourself up to a lawsuit. A jury will find you guilty and negligent for not doing a background check.

Crime Scene Investigations

    Our investigators are trained to analyze and re-create a crime scene by collecting evidence and locating/interviewing witnesses. We will attempt to gather information to create a chronological chain of events.

Process Service

    ICU offers professional process service of court documents in Sedgwick County and the surrounding counties in Kansas. We can arrange for process service throughout Kansas and Oklahoma.

Skip Tracing / Locates

  • Deadbeat Parents:

      If your spouse or partner has skipped out and left you and your children, assuming all of the financial responsibility. Contact ICU, and we will find them for you.

  • Cheating Spouse/Partner:

      If you believe that your spouse or partner has been or may be unfaithful, you are most likely right. ICU can discreetly determine the truth. We have the ability to determine where your spouse/partner is being unfaithful, who they are with, and what activities they are involved in.

  • Missing Persons:

      If you need to find an old friend, classmate, or family member, ICU can piece together the individual’s past to the present and determine their current location.

  • Witnesses:

      If you are a victim or feel that you have been wrongfully accused of a crime or event, we can assist you by locating witnesses and obtaining statements regarding the matter.

Suspicious Death/Suicide

    A trained investigator will work with you and law enforcement authorities to clarify and investigate any questionable or premature death/suicide case.

Theft / Fraud Investigations

    If you own a business and have suffered financial loss due to theft, we can help. We will analyze and identify any weak links and determine if it is an internal or external problem. Common sources of business losses inlcude:

    • Trash Dumpsters
    • Overloading delivery trucks and dumping excess material prior to a scheduled delivery.
    • Sales personnel falsifying activity and time log sheets.
    • Drivers abusing company vehicles by speeding... increasing chance of an auto accident, which computes to employees injured and off work with pay, not to mention the liability of a civil suit by the 2nd party.

Workplace Violence / Threat Assessments / Executive Services

    If your company has not had a work place violence/threat assessment conducted, then it is time to contact ICU. We will meet with you and listen to your concerns. We will help you understand “warning signs” to look for in employees. We will carefully analyze your facility and offer solutions.

    ICU has personal protection for VIPs, celebrities, witnesses, corporate executives, high-profile families and individuals. We provide security to corporations during down sizing (hostile terminations) and labor disputes.